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Mindfulness & Breathwork




The focus relies on the union of individual consciousness with universal consciousness.

In my classes, I focus on consciousness work, meditation, breath work, posture and energetic work in order to perceive the feeling of connection and union more. In this way, steadily growing clarity, tranquility and inner peace can be promoted.

Individual and group teachings

Far beyond the teaching, consciousness and energetic work wades in each one and can foster and activate transformative processes, serenity, deep relaxation and personal cognition. As a result, balance, harmony and alignment can be established as basic principles for healing and health at various levels.


Invest individual class

90 Euro / 60 min. / 1-3 individuals

800 Euro / 10 classes

Invest group class

15 Euro / class

130 Euro / 10 class


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Mindfulness & Breathwork in Organizations





Business and pleasure belong together.

We humans spend most of our lives working. In our society we have established certain patterns, which we confirm by constantly repeating the underlying belief systems and thus consistently reinforcing them. Many of us have deeply internalized that “living and pleasure“ can only take place after work. How useful is such a belief? And to whom does it serve? How do we understand the concept of life as such? And does work not belong to life too?

A new intellectual current has begun and is about to reform old belief systems, creating more coherence between work and life.

A connected, balanced, happy and conscious human being, is able to contribute greatly to a system that fosters wholeness and the interests of humanity. 


My Input

I support people in organizations in different ways and through various teachings, so they can find a deeper connection to themselves, develop a higher consciousness for the whole and gain access to more mindfulness by which the essence can be realized, captured and lived at work.

Mindfulness practices, meditation and breath-work can be useful and beneficial in companies for the following reasons:


For the employee

• Improve health and reduce health risks

• Reduction of medical visits

• Improving the quality of life and increase of energy of life

• Preservation / increase of own life-efficiency

• Increased satisfaction and improved working atmosphere

Participation in the workplace and the workflow

• Higher awareness and more mindfulness

• More joy in life and at work

Stress reduction and balance for the mind


For the employer

• Increasing motivation by strengthening the identification with the company

Cost reduction through fewer cases of illness and production losses

• Increase of productivity and quality

Reduction of pressure and stress

Image revaluation of the company

Strengthening competitiveness


Source: German federal Ministry of Health


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