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An immersion into the most varied worlds can provide an insight for the big picture. The more worlds we know, understand and have experienced ourselves, the clearer the way we can point and counsel for transformation. To explore as many people, systems, places and fields as possible was therefore very important to me.

My life has been moving from the beginning and has shaped me greatly. The early leaving from my home country, Iran and arriving in a completely different society, have made me search for the meaning of my experiences at an early stage.

In this process and in my search for meaning, but also for the source from which everything arises, I was able to discover the path of consciousness work and metaphysical philosophy.

For many years now, I have devoted to the issues of existence and consciousness of continuous and somehow never ending development work. Thereby I could gain profound knowledge in the fields of consciousness work, holistic health teaching, integral coaching, and yoga philosophy. With great dedication I accompany students, clients and organizations on their transformational journey, towards their essence.

My task is to steer the unknown into this world and to create new things between existing ones. I see myself as a world bridger who can unite and harmonize different worlds. For it is those worlds who, by the encounter, can entirely conceive and bear the new.

Ultimately, the assembly of all parts and aspects in the individual, in the community and in the system leads to the realization of individual, collective and systemic transformation and healing on all levels. The pursuit of it and my personal fascination for the unknown and for the invisible, characterize myself and my work.





Media & Communication Management (B.A.)

Certified Integrative Life & Health Coaching by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York

Reconnective Healing and Reconnection Practitioners according to Dr. Eric Pearl, Lisbon

Certified Yoga and Vedic philosophy teacher


Fields of activity

• Consciousness, research and energetic work in individual and group sessions for consciousness development and consciousness shifting

• Accompanying consciousness development processes in organizations

• Sensing and purpose quest for organizations

• Integral health and consciousness coaching for individuals, groups and organizations

• Support and assistance in the prenatal phase for consciousness formation, healing of trauma and development of a comprehensive connection between mother, father and infant



• Co-founder of Rawmind’s School of Consciousness: The School for Consciousness Development and Research conveys teachings of mindful, peaceful and healing life-, family-, relationship- and organization-management

• Founder of RawYoga: A teaching that combines asana, pranayama and meditation practices with consciousness work

• Co-initiatior,  and advisor of  the new-paradigm for innovative education project in cooperation with Centro Ompio Italy, building and experiencing a learning circle, which provides humans with necessary steps and stimulations to activate their shift from an ego-centered life into a we-centered life approach and creating integral concepts that support a new paradigm in education


• Freelance consultant, trainer, coach and workshop facilitator on topics such as evolutionary sense, consciousness development and research and holism.

• Since 2005 studies in metaphysics, spiritual teachings, yoga, healing arts, holistic nutrition and health education