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Integral Consulting

Integral Consulting unites life coaching, holistic health consulting and consciousness training


Healthy is who is conscious.

Fulfilled is who knows its purpose.


What does a healthy, conscious and fulfilled way of life mean, and how can we focus on aligning ourselves to such a life?

What do we need to create a healthy, fulfilling life, and how can we promote awareness,  meaning and health in everyday life?

A holistic state of health is a rich whole, a vast abundance in which various details of connectedness and balanced exchange within and between the mental, spiritual, physical, social, systemic, planetary and cosmic level impressively cooperate. The shape and structure of this state is multidimensional, fractal and highly complex, aligned to and in accordance with the flow of life force that passes and animates all levels.

How and why are we fed on each of these levels?

Just as we have to feed nourishments through food for the maintenance of our body, our mind assimilates and utilizes nourishments through thought. So we feed on each level differently, gross and subtle. And above all, the meaning of life nourishes us.

Primary food feeds us and gives us meaning, but is not served on a plate.

We feed through food, but also through our profession, our private life, our environment and our way of life. When we are malnourished at one level, we compensate for the need and demand on one or more other levels.

“Primary food” feeds us, but does not lie on a plate. A meaningful way of life, an inspiring career, regular and pleasant physical activity and honest and open relationships that are food for the soul and hunger for life, are the components of primary food.

We experience deep fulfillment when we can live our purpose through action, thinking and being.

The more primary food we receive, the less we depend on food. The opposite is also true. The more we eat, the less we are able to receive the primary food of life.



In the coaching process, we clarify your health history, your goals and expectations, find common causes and sources of certain problems, and form a meaningful program that provides entirely individual solutions and integration paths to enable a healthier, happier and more conscious life.




The coaching process

• I support you in ideational realization of the status quo and the causes of problems

• Together we get to your resource activation and I accompany you in developing your own solutions

• Why are you here? What is your calling in life? We explore and develop your evolutionary purpose

• I help you with construction of meaning for your life and in the areas of life

• We focus on your personal development and the unfolding of your potential 

• We form a meaningful process model so that cognitive processes and impulses for action can become possible for you

• Through the consciousness training you will be able to experience successful implementation

• We create an individual and holistic health plan which you can follow easily

• Support by regular exchange and consultation of helpful measures, tools, advice – individually adapted to your situation and your person

• Additional offer of supporting treatments and training, eg. through consciousness work, energetic work, meditation and breathing



For whom?

• Purpose driven seeker in career, life and relationship matters

• People who want to make their lives healthier and more connected

• Interest in holistic approaches and solutions

• Striving for general change

• Overcoming blockages, fears and uncertainties

• Change to healthy food and lifestyle


I am a certified integrative life and health coach, consciousness trainer and consultant for:


• Individual work

• Executives

• Teams

• Organizations


• Invest: 80 Euro / 45 min. / individual work /  duration 3-6 months •

For executives, teams and organizations individual conditions are available on request.

Contact me for a consultation!