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Consciousness Work



„No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

Albert Einstein 

Consciousness work deals with the pillars of our emergence. Humankind and his aspects in conjunction with the earth, cosmos and being. To be conscious means to recognize itself and its mechanisms, patterns and behaviors, its fears, trauma and blockages, its purpose and all the connections and to transform them time after time. Even if we are able to understand many aspects of our personality and our psyche through cognitive cognition, we need a cognition process on the consciousness level to raise awareness, to embody and actualize changes.

Our purpose and our personal mission in this life.

My task is to explore the evolutionary meaning of the individual human being, for organizations and for systems of all kinds through consciousness development and to work together to open up access to their highest potential. By recognizing and striving for its meaning and its highest potential, one can experience his own fulfillment to the greatest extent and contribute to the welfare of all.

My position and role

As an information catalyst and bridge builder, I am here to contribute to a holistic understanding and awareness of the essential coherences within us and in a new world that already exists in this one.







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Consciousness Work

with individuals and with groups


Some things in life we ​​can only accomplish together

It takes a lot of courage to look at our shadows and it takes great commitment to integrate new ideas into the daily life. For this reason, I support change processes and provide the necessary information, whereby transformation can take place.



The Session


For this purpose, a comprehensive space for integral healing, evolutionary growth and shift of consciousness is created in the sessions.


What are the benefits of consciousness work?

• Increase and change of consciousness

• Exploration of the evolutionary purpose

• Elaboration of vocation, mission in life and role

• Activation of creativity and potential revelation (hidden gift)

Energetic healing practice for physical, mental and psychological disbalances

Releasing internal and external resistors and blockages

• Clarification and resolving of trauma and displacements

• Activation of one’s own intuition power

• Monitoring change processes

• Access to new information fields for greater clarity, wisdom and knowledge

• Inner peace, fulfillment and self-determination


One session can already transform and actuate the unimaginable. I recommend a series of every 2-3 weeks sessions. 


In a non-binding initial discussion, we will establish the kind of work and scope that is reasonable for you, tailored to your needs. 



• Invest: 130,00 Euro/ 90 min. session •

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Consciousness Work in prenatal phase

Creating high awareness for a new life.

New life arises at the moment of procreation and carries information from the whole into this world which can expand our consciousness – just as the universe is expanding ever more. 

With every new human life, life itself begins to continue, expand, or change that what already exist.

A vast number of information from both parents are now transmitted into the womb. In addition to the information for the construction of the cells, which are necessary for the biological development of a living being, cultural and traditional patterns, conditionings, trauma and anxieties are also handed down. Still, in common gynecological examinations in the prenatal phase, such a holistic and far more complex perspective on transmission of information, is hardly or not at all acknowledged. By decoupling these many planes and focusing on purely “biological” genetic information as the only relevant point of reference, with regard to our genesis and our being, we slow down and aggravate our own, potential evolutionary progress as humanity, to a large extent.

 This world needs stable, free and conscious adolescents

If some information have a limiting effect on the evolutionary progress of human development, how can we select certain information and consciously transport it in the interest of our children and in view of the global peace building?

How can we prepare a highly conscious and free potential development field for children?

Through the personal consciousness work and development during the pregnancy, personal topics can be recognized and the unconscious transmission of adverse patterns and beliefs can be prevented and resolved. This is one of the greatest gifts that we can give to ourselves and to our descendants, the earth and the whole of mankind.


Free children can develop into peaceful adults, cultivate inner and external peace and transform this world.


The following is an overview of the processes and ways of consciousness work during pregnancy.

Preparing a Field for high consciousness and free potential development

Dissolution and liberation from relevant anxieties, trauma, entanglements and prevention of transmission to the fetus

• Establishment of connection, proximity and conscious communication to the fetus

• Establishment of a conscious communication exchange between mother, father and the fetus

 Sensing Needs, nature and energetic communication of the fetus and learning how to deal with it

Awareness and development of one’s own responsibility of the chance to bring peaceful and free children into this world

Mindful design of imprinting period in the womb

Develop and expand your own awareness, learn to recognize and learn your role

• Intelligence and potential promotion of the child through intensive communication exchange and through close contact


As a energetic midwife, I accompany mothers during their pregnancy. In a non-binding initial discussion, we will establish the scope that is reasonable for you, tailored to your needs. 

 • Investition: 130,00 Euro/ 90 min. session •       

 Contact me for a consultation!

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Consciousness Work in partnerships


How can our relationship, our partnership be authentic and open 

How can we discern differences and conflicts as an opportunity that can transform our relationship and lead it towards growth

These questions are linked to each other and lead to the same basis: exploring our own shadows, to shed light on our shadows and to heal in the encounter, by communicating them to our partner and upon by our partners acceptance and understanding our shadows, they can support us in the process of transformation. But how does it work?

Consciousness work helps couples find a safe space to deal with their themes with love and awareness and with reference to heal. For in partnership, I see the purpose of growing together, healing our own shadows and exploring the deeper self with one another.

Through accessing to new information fields and instructions on how to open healing spaces, couples can find common ground and meet each other on a new level, unlike before.


What is the benefit of the consciousness work in partnerships? 

• Transformation and healing of shadows and disbalance in the relationship

• Strengthening your own capacity for love

• Building and developing true closeness and intimacy

• Learning non-violent communication according to M. Rosenberg

• Learning to instruct and open up a healing space

• Understanding the functioning of the amygdala (part of the lymbical system) and dealing with emotions

• Merging the feminine and masculine forces with regard to the common good and peace in our world

• Access to new information fields


I work with individuals who live in partnerships and single individuals who want to dedicate themselves to partnership issues.


• Invest: 300,00 Euro/ 180 min. session with two individuals •

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